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The problem with compiling an annotated Peter Pan is knowing where to stop in terms of content.

Back in 1984, I put together a collation of Barrie's primary PP texts for the benefit of Trevor Nunn and the RSC, from which he and John Caird made their choices. It ran to over 400 pages, laid out on a double spread of A3 paper, with separate columns for "Anon: A Play", the 1904 rehearsal script, the 1905 American version, the 1911 novel, the 1921 Paramount screenplay, and the final printed play of 1928.

However, there are at least a further 5 drafts of the play between "Anon" and the 1904 rehearsal, and a further 6 drafts between 1904 and 1928. The screenplay exists in 5 drafts, and the novel in 3... and we haven't even started on PP in Kensington Gardens, nor his 400+ Fairy Notes!  Perhaps one day I will be able to hoist the different versions on this website, but there might be copyright issues (the published works may be in the public domain, but unpublished texts will become GOSH's copyright for 70 years from first publication - and quite right too!)

Those with long memories will also remember that the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library were none too keen to see their Barrie collection shared online, and as they own virtually all the originals, it couldn't really be done without their blessing as well as GOSH ...

Dear Mr. Birkin,

My Alias is James "Hook" Mayweather (My Real Name is Spencer).

I am an Independent Screenwriter working on a PETER PAN (Based/Inspired by) Project. Working on what may become a film trilogy or TV series/(miniseries (US), Serial (UK), based and inspired by Barrie's Pan, other various Drafts (Books, screenplays), etc. Including, if possible to procure a copy of, PETER PAN: THE BOY WHO HATED MOTHERS by Michael Lluberes. I should also mention, that I do not have the rights or allowance by the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity, I am solely writing this an independent project, for the time being.

I hope that this message does reach you as I saw a post with your email here on the site. I tried to use it to contact you, but, as another poster said (on a post from 2005), all it does is "Return/Pingback" without allowing it to reach you for a response. I don't know if you have an email or any other way to contact you beyond (here on the forums it would be great. To speak PAN/BARRIE that you are so extremely knowledgeable about. My ultimate goal is to make the complete PAN script featuring every line or moment from the play, books, screenplay, combined into a long, but, a complete script (using all the parts as one!)

I look forward to speaking with you and to any help, content, and the likes you might be able to offer me.

Thank you,