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Title: At the Back of the North Wind
Post by: Dani1923 on December 20, 2020, 05:12:44 PM
I just finished listening to the audiobook of At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald.

The reason I read this book is because this book was possibly an inspiration for Peter Pan, specifically Neverland (as stated on page 105 of The Lost Boys Book). Although I donít think there is any real evidence that Barrie read the book, but it is possible!

Also in The Lost Boys mini-series, Michael is seen reading At the Back of the North Wind in one of the scenes in Ashton after fishing with his brothers right before he finds out his mother is dead. You can barely see inside of the book or the title of the book in the actual scene, but I learned that was the book from reading the script of TLB.

The things that this book has in common with Peter Pan: fairies, death, dreams, love of mothers, going to a paradise world, and there was a scene where the boy protagonist Diamond dreams of angel boys with a leader like Peter and the The Lost Boys. North Wind herself could sort of be like Peter Pan too!

This book is beautiful!! I very very highly recommend you read this book! If you want to listen to an audiobook, you can listen to one for free on YouTube!
Title: Re: At the Back of the North Wind
Post by: Hannah Grippo on December 20, 2020, 06:47:34 PM

Lovely book! As someone who's read it many, MANY times (long story), I can say there is definitely influence on Peter (I think Andrew mentions it in the biography as well). The way Peter flies reminded me of North Wind carrying people on her shoulder. The main character Diamond, according to McDonald biographers was a Christ-like figure (and I believe based on one of McDonald's lost sons...forgive me, it's been ages!). I used to agree with this as a teen upon my first readings, but as I got older, I found him far more complicated than that! Not Jesus, but not devilish like Peter either. Perhaps a baby angel, dealing with the inner knowing of Death approaching. But there was also a happier state than Peter, because Diamond falls in love with the North Wind and dies not for illness, but for love (in my opinion).
Title: Re: At the Back of the North Wind
Post by: Dani1923 on December 20, 2020, 08:28:49 PM

Thank you for your response! This was my first time reading the story, though I had wanted to read it for a while, and it is indeed a lovely book!

And thank you for sharing your interpretation of the story! Iíd probably have to read the story and think about it a few more times before I come up with my own! This is definitely a story that can interpreted in numerous ways!

Btw, I read all of the Peter and Alice play the other day and wrote my review on the forum under the Peter and Alice script topic!
Title: Re: At the Back of the North Wind
Post by: Dani1923 on December 20, 2020, 09:10:50 PM
Also I want to add that Nannyís moon dream reminds me of George Meliesí 1902 film A Trip to the Moon!

And this book was published in 1871, 98 years before man actually landed on the moon!