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Title: Peter and Wendy 2015 Movie
Post by: Dani1923 on February 03, 2021, 09:54:15 PM
I FINALLY saw the Peter and Wendy TV movie from 2015!
As usual, I found a DVD of the movie on Amazon.
This is hands down the BEST Peter Pan movie ever made so far! Itís genius!!!
I donít want to spoil anything because I think literally every Peter Peter Pan fan in the world should see this movie! I will just say some general things I liked about the movie.
First of all, just the premise alone of a child in Great Ormond Street Hospital imagining the story of Peter Pan to cope with her operation is brilliant in itself! But of course execution is also very important, and it was brilliantly executed! Stanley Tucci was a great Hook! The boy playing Peter, Zak Sutcliffe, I thought was a little flat sometimes, but he was still great! And this Peter was WAY better written than the 2003 one! Hazel Doupe was a great Wendy/Lucy, the patient having the surgery. And the rest of the cast was great too!
Without spoilers, I will say another brilliant thing that this movie did was how it incorporated the hospital setting into the scenes taking place in Neverland!
Also the director of the movie, Diarmuid Lawrence, unfortunately passed away in 2019, and I think this was his last movie, but he did an amazing job and Iím glad he was able to make this film before he died, perhaps maybe going to the real Neverland!
If you can, please buy this movie!
Title: Re: Peter and Wendy 2015 Movie
Post by: Brutus on February 05, 2021, 01:21:11 PM
I loved it too, and agree with all your comments. Stanley Tucci and Hazel Doupe in particular were great. My only criticism was Tinker Bell's portrayal - I thought Paloma Faith was totally wrong in the part, and the way she played Tink was so stiff it took away all the magic. A darting light and tinkling of bells would have worked so much better!

The way they intertwined the story of Lucy and Peter Pan worked so well. And by the way, although the hospital wards were recreated in a studio, they were based faithfully on what a ward at GOSH looked like. The only parts actually filmed at the hospital were at the entrance (with the Peter Pan statue) and the theatre corridor.

Diarmuid Lawrence had wanted to do this film for many years so it really meant something to him when he finally achieved his dream - before his untimely death a few years later.
Title: Re: Peter and Wendy 2015 Movie
Post by: Dani1923 on February 05, 2021, 05:37:19 PM
Iím so glad Diarmuid Lawrence got to have his dream come true with this movie!

I actually thought Paloma Faith was pretty funny as Tinkerbell. Her facial expressions made me smile at times.

If I didnít want to spoil anything for the people on this forum that havenít seen the movie yet, I could write a long essay about how brilliant this movie is and how thought out it was! It is a darn shame that this movie, as far as I know, never aired in America! I wish I could thank Diarmuid and the screenwriter Adrian Hodges for making this movie!

Even though I will see Disneyís Peter Pan and Wendy when it comes out on Disney Plus, it will seem superfluous after watching this movie since Iím pretty sure Disney will not top this!

I do have some questions about the movie though. Does Great Ormond Street Hospital really have that Peter Pan museum and the swimming pool? Also does the movie still air in England at least?
Title: Re: Peter and Wendy 2015 Movie
Post by: Brutus on February 05, 2021, 07:35:57 PM
Well, good to hear Paloma Faith has one fan at least!

GOSH did have a museum, but it was very small, and more a hospital museum rather than one dedicated to Peter Pan. It did have a few Peter Pan memorabilia and books, but that's about it. It certainly didn't look like the one in the film and wasn't located in the hospital itself but in one of the small Georgian houses in the street, opposite the hospital. You could visit it by appointment but it closed around 2014 when the space was needed for administrative staff.

The hospital does have a pool, but only for patients who need aqua therapy as part of their treatment, and a patient like Lucy wouldn't be able to access it, unlike accompanied by staff. Artistic licence!

The film was aired on Christmas Day 2015 on ITV but has not aired on mainstream TV since. It is however available on Amazon Prime.
Title: Re: Peter and Wendy 2015 Movie
Post by: Dani1923 on February 05, 2021, 08:24:04 PM
Thank you for your response Brutus!

It always amazes me what can be made believable with movie magic!

Also Iím very surprised they donít air this movie every year in England (Since England is Peter Panís home!) and that they havenít aired it since it premiered!! That really is a shame!