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Peter Pan / A Peter Pan problem (bibliographical)
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:38:41 PM »
I have a bibliographical problem. "Peter and Wendy" is the 1911 novel by J. M. Barrie. "Peter Pan and Wendy" was an authorized abridgement by May Byron published in 1915. In 1938 Máiréad Ní Ghráda published "Tír na Deo" 'The land of always' in Irish. The book states that it is a translation of "Peter Pan and Wendy" by Barrie. Barrie's 1911 "Peter Pan" 1911 has 17 chapters. May Byron's 1915 "Peter Pan and Wendy" has 13 chapters. "Tír na Deo" has 14 chapters, the titles of which look more like those of "Peter and Wendy" than of May Byron's abridgement. Moreover the text is rather different so Ní Ghráda may have abridged or altered some herself.


The Penguin "Peter Pan" (containing "Peter and Wendy" and "Peter in Kensington Gardens" (ed. Zipes) states that there was a "Peter Pan and Wendy" by Barrie: "the story of 'Peter Pan' extracted from 'Peter Pan and Wendy', illustrated by F. D. Bedford, authorised school edition, London: Henry Frowde, Hodder and Staughton, 1915".

So. Was there a Barry abridgement "Peter Pan and Wendy" with 14 chapters? (I am about to publish a new edition of "Tír na Deo".) "Tír na Deo" has the Atwell illustrations. I am going to try to make a comparison of the content of, say, the Mermaid chapter. Certainly the beginning of "Tír na Deo" does not begin as "Peter and Wendy" or Byron's "Peter Pan and Wendy".

Any insights here? Thanks!
Michael Everson
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