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JMBarrie / Barrie on Film (1932) -- J. B. Priestley's House
« on: May 10, 2020, 02:09:29 PM »
I discovered the following footage of J. M. Barrie at J. B. Priestley's home in 1932 ( ) . I found this video a while back and then lost it and found it again. I believe it is from Priestley's webpage

Like Barrie, Priestley was a playwright. Priestley's plays often focus on a time slip, so that past, present and future are all connected in one scene. After Barrie's death, Priestley gained recognition on radio with his series of short propaganda pieces in 1940, during the Battle of Britain.

Does anyone know more about the friendship of Barrie and Priestley?
Davies Family / Davies boys and their cars
« on: April 26, 2020, 06:01:11 PM »
I noticed in one of Michael's letters to Mary Hodgson on the database, he writes to her about going to see a used Italian car for sale that can get up to 60 horsepower (wow!) Later on, there is a story in the audio files about one of Michael's friends visiting him and then getting his fingers crushed in Michael's car door.

Nico also has a story on the database, in the audio files, of having his car volunteered for Winston Churchill's election campaign.

Where were these cars stored? From what I have read, Adelphi Terrace didn't exactly have ample parking available. Would the cars have been around Campden Hill Square? And what happened to them? If the cars were gifts to the boys, surely the boys would have kept or sold them at some point.
Davies Family / Peter Llewelyn Davies -- Later Life
« on: April 26, 2020, 05:56:57 PM »
I would love to hear from the experts about Peter Llewelyn Davies and his later life. He was a named trustee to Barrie's estate, and it seems the majority of the letter destruction came to him instead of trustee Cynthia Asquith. Of course, he couldn't bring himself to do it all and thus the creation of The Morgue came about, as we know from the database. It seems he wanted to create three copies of The Morgue -- one for each of his living brothers. But I think he only made one?

Does anyone know what inspired him to ask questions of Mary Hodgson later on in life -- lists of questions on why she thought his mother died so far away from the boys?

Peter's death really disturbs me. Why did he kill himself in 1960? Why not before? Was it purely financial? All of the boys seem to me to have adjusted to a less expensive way of living after Barrie's death, was the financial burden really so much that Peter would kill himself?
JMBarrie / Maude Adams -- Barrie's Broadway Lady
« on: April 26, 2020, 05:40:31 PM »
Hi everyone,

This is my first topic and I'm really excited to be a part of this community! In 2017, I was sick of studying law in my tiny apartment outside of Washington D.C. and picked up Andrew Birkin's book. I read it, cover to cover, in one night. I couldn't get enough. I think I actually cried over it. I have been researching Barrie and his circle ever since. And I did eventually get back to my law studies and pass the bar haha

Last winter I obtained a blueprint of Barrie's Adelphi flat, for his renovation plans. I am happy to try to share it. I have also requested various material from the Beinecke Library and encourage anyone who wishes to also do so --- they are very helpful.

This morning I was reading something totally off-topic and I stumbled across posts on Maude Adams being one of the first modern lesbian actresses (!) I had no idea. Barrie saw Adams in a production of Rosemary --- is there any record of exactly how many times Barrie crossed the Atlantic, and where he stayed when he was in New York, Hollywood, etc.?  Maude Adams, the girl from Utah had been acting since she was 16. After watching her performance, Barrie chose her to play Lady Babby in The Little Minister and then, Peter Pan on Broadway in 1905. This led to Adams' immense success and an income of $20,000 / month. Adams supposedly also helped design the Peter Pan costume, and took an early interest in stage lighting which some thought would transfer to the Hollywood production of Peter Pan. Adams worked with General Electric on their stage lighting in the 1920s. She may be named on some U.S. patents, I found her name on U.S. patent # 1,884,957 but cannot find the exact image. If there is interest, I will find more about it. Adams continued acting up until her death, and taught drama in Missouri, giving her an income of up to $1 million a month.

Sexually, Adams has been linked to: Mercedes de Acosta, Katharine Cornell, Spring Byington, Eva la Gallienne and Alla Nazimova . Missing from these famous names is Adams' secretary, Louise Boynton, who Adams is buried next to. Any relation to current actress Lucy Boynton, I wonder? Adams never married. Frohman, her producer and Barrie's frequent collaborator, used the absence of relationships with men to create a public image of her being virtuous and innocent. It is now believed that Adams was a lesbian.

She may have enjoyed long-term relationships with two woman over the course of her lifetime. The first being with stage actress Lillie Florence until Florence’s death in 1901. The second being an over 45-year relationship beginning in 1905 with Louise Boynton. Did Adams need a secretary due to her success in Peter Pan? Can this lesbian relationship be traced to her working relationship with Barrie? Boynton died in 1951. When Adams passed away in 1953 in New York, four months shy of 80, she was buried next to Boynton where they share a headstone.

Adams continues to captivate modern audiences. Paintings of her appear around The United States, and often inspire more questions than answers (

If anyone has any letters or further information about Adams and her relationship to Barrie, I'd love to know more!


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