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Peter and Nico's letters?


There used to be a part of the Davies Family section of the website which had transcribed letters from Peter (to Barrie during WWI) and Nico (to Andrew during his research in the 1970s).  Have they been removed?  Or are they somewhere else?


As explained elsewhere, this site has been virtually rebuilt to help it withstand the slings and arrows of hacker technology. Peter's letter to JMB and Nico's letters to me should be reinstated shortly.... but keep nagging us if they don't!

Thanks so much Andrew!  And thanks to the Welsh Wizard for all his efforts against those awful hackers!  Have people nothing better to do with their time?

They were great letters and I'll look forward to seeing them again  :)

Peter's letters to Barrie - and Nico's letters to me - have at last been reinstated!  Soon to come: Peter's letters to Mary Hodgson.....

That was quick!  Thanks to all for the extra work involved :)

I'll be looking forward to Peter's letters to Mary - Peter was  such a good (and honest) writer.


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