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Kensington Gardens and Neverland
« on: December 13, 2010, 08:12:25 PM »
I've just red for the second time Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and I couldn't understand how Peter could fly from Kensington to Neverland. As a matter of fact in Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens he has forgotten how to fly. At the beginning I thought that Peter and Wendy was a different story, so that Peter had never been at Kensington, but at a certain point he adfirms that he had lived in Kensington for some times. Maybe he has learned again to fly because of the wish he has express to the fairies (when he wishes to go back to his mum) but I'm not sure. Have you got a different answer? Thanks, it's very important! (Sorry for my mistakes!)
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Re: Kensington Gardens and Neverland
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I think you have the answer to your question: Peter was given the ability to fly by the fairies in Kensington Gardens when they grant him his second wish 'to go back to mother for ever and always' (Chapter 4). The first wish only allowed him to fly once to his mother's house but the second was forever. At least, that's how I always understood it!

Also, all you need to fly is to think lovely wonderful thoughts which lift you up in the air - helped with a sprinkling of fairy dust which he has in constant supply thanks to Tink (even though that was a later addition introduced by Barrie to stop children from jumping off their beds and hurting themselves).

But maybe others have a different interpretation?