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Re: Peter Pan sequel commissioned by GOSH
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Peter Von Brown has responded with the following information:

I can relate to Brown's described disenchantment. Although I've never published, I'm currently working on a novel and understand the insane amount of work it takes to not only write, but also seek a publisher (let alone an editor). In particular with writing -Peter Pan- sequels, prequels, etc., one can feel greatly disheartened when another author's work is released...I know I was shocked when I learned of -Peter Pan in Scarlet-. Because -Peter Pan- is such a well-known story, it's frustrating as an author to have your very own, personal interpretation - one to which you may have ground quite close - be "scrambled about", as it were, by another. But really, when writing anything -Peter Pan- related, one's bound to hit more than a few snags, discover multiple hoops through which to jump, and have great difficulty deciding to which audience one should write...difficulties associated with writing most any novel.