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Robert Greenham

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Barrie's works, and works online
« on: December 15, 2006, 03:57:26 PM »
I've always thought it rather strange that the two English language websites devoted to J M Barrie (Anon, and this site) do not provide an exhaustive list of their subject's published works.  Such a list is to be found, however, on this page of CÚline's French website:

Similarly, it seems odd that none of these websites provides a list of all Barrie's works which are readable online (subject to the odd copyright issue here and there).  Project Gutenberg has been referred to often as they offer the largest number of JMB's works, but some other of his works can be found elsewhere, notably on two other websites.  Perhaps the following listings may be of use to some members - I've added one or two miscellaneous items:

Project Gutenberg:
( Most also available via The Online Books Page: and Questia: )

Auld Licht Idylls (1888)
JMB's foreword, 'Q', to A. T. Quiller-Couch's The Splendid Spur' (1889)
My Lady Nicotine (1890)
The Little Minister (1891)
Sentimental Tommy (1896)
Tommy and Grizel (1896)
Margaret Ogilvy (1896)
The Little White Bird (1902)
The Admirable Crichton (1902)
Alice Sit-by-the-fire (1905)
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906) (from The Little White Bird)
What Every Woman Knows (1908)
Peter and Wendy (Peter Pan the novel) (1911)
Dear Brutus (1917)
Echoes of the War (1918)
Courage (1922)

The Online Books Page: :

Peter Pan, or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (1928) - (by Project Gutenberg of Australia)
Jane Annie (1928) as modified and completed by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Adventure of the Two Collaborators (JMB's parody on Holmes) (1928)

Questia: :

Quality Street (1902)
The Story of J. M. B. by Denis Mackail (1941)
Letters of J. M. Barrie by Viola Meynell (1942)

Perhaps members would like to add to this list any other Barrie works they have found accessible online.


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Re: Barrie's works, and works online
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2009, 10:17:52 AM »

Alot of books by and about J.m Barrie  :)


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Re: Barrie's works, and works online
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2009, 06:27:42 PM »
Many thanks for that, Robert!  By way of mitigation, I should point out that this website is really an overspill of my book and TV trilogy. I have never pretended to be a J M Barrie expert, and in truth some of his works (eg Quality Street) make my toes curl. I fell in love with Barrie's love affair with the Davies family. Almost anything outside of that is beyond my ken, or indeed my personal interest.  So while I'm delighted that others should use this forum as a place to exchange interest and views on all aspects of JMB, I hope you'll forgive me for not providing an exhaustive catalogue of his works... or indeed his life.