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It costs about 1,000 a year to run this website - around 250 to the server for the space required by the database, and 750 for website maintenance.

Last year we added a "donations" button, in the hope that we might break even, with any excess being gladly donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Thus far we have received zilch.

That's OK, I can just about afford to keep the site going as it stands, but with no spare cash to add new material from the mass of original research that awaits scanning, cataloguing and uploading. This includes not only Peter's Morgue (which still needs transcribing), but the hundreds (actually thousands) of letters I and Sharon Goode received between 1975 and 1980 from the various witnesses to Barrie and the Davies family's amazing story.

We don't expect casual browsers or penniless students to donate, but it would be nice if the various commercial outfits that utilise our database were to contribute something towards our running costs. I'd hate to impose some sort of inforced payment scheme for accessing the database, and in fact have no plans to do so as it would necessarily filter out the aforementioned penniless students.

Naive as it may sound, I put my trust in capitalism and hope that some benefactor might help us out, always in the knowledge that any surplus cash will be donated to GOSH - as indeed has all the cash raised from the sale of the original document and photos now in the database...

That's too bad :( Do you have a paypal or anything that money can be sent to if one wants to donate?

Hannah High:
Click the Donations tab on the bottom of the homepage.


--- Quote from: Hannah High on September 15, 2009, 02:14:40 AM ---Click the Donations tab on the bottom of the homepage.

--- End quote ---

OH! haha deerrrrr haha *mosies on* lol

Peter Pan:
750 for maintenance? Wow... That seems pretty steep.


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