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The Adventures of Peter Pan- Peter Pan anime
« on: December 19, 2020, 12:26:36 AM »
Today I discovered The Adventures of Peter Pan, which is a Japanese anime of Peter Pan that aired in 1989.

I saw the first four episodes and then the very last episode. I also read descriptions of other episodes online.

The first two episodes follow the general Peter Pan story closely, but a lot of Barrie’s words are taken away and replaced by words and scenarios of the writers’ inventions. After the children get to Neverland however, the anime veers off course from the original story quickly and they seem to go further and further off the rails as the episodes move on! To give you an example, in the last episode, there was a giant robot and a sorceress and Captain Hook has a magic staff... so yeah! But in the last scene of the episode Jane is seen, but no grown up Wendy!

Speaking of Hook, for some reason, he doesn’t have a hook for a hand, he has a claw! (shrug)

So yeah this show is not very accurate, but if you’re curious to see a Peter Pan anime (they talk in Japanese but have English subtitles), at least check out the first three episodes (in episode 3, Neverland is shown for the first time, and it looks nice!)!

Here are the first three episodes: