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Medina Lewis’ Comments on Michael
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These are excerpts from letters Medina Lewis sent to Andrew. They are from the compilations of correspondence sent to Andrew during the making of The Lost Boys movie. I put question marks in replacement of words I couldn’t make out. I numbered the excerpts from the first letter since they take place at different points of the letter.

From a letter from Medina Lewis to Andrew in 1976:

1. I think what struck one most about Michael in those early days was his wit.
I think one of the first things I heard him say when he was still at Wilkinson’s, was a remark he made to Nico who had just been promoted to long trousers and had been wearing them to cricket. “And did they impede your speedy action?” Michael asked with solemnity.

2. Once when leaving as, without JMB to return to London Nico was demanding money to buy comics for the journey and Michael refused. “But,” (persisted?) Nico, “Uncle Jim always buys them for me.” “ My dear fellow,” replied Michael, “my name is not Sir James Barrie.” My father solved it by producing the necessary coppers.   

3. Michael’s drawings at that time were very spirited and caricature like. Rather to my annoyance he once almost filled a new drawing book of mine with such line drawings and then, worse still, he put his pencil through them, or tore out the page, crumpled it and threw it away.
I think this was rather characteristic of him, to do a thing very well, then not be satisfied and destroy it.

From a different letter. 1976.

Michael’s teasing nonsense is I feel also very typical of his character. His wit could be quite terse and ? too at times. I remember a post card he sent to Eiluned from Paris. I believe the picture was of an old ? by Dürer* and the only words written on [it] were the one word “Hein?”* and his initials.

*I think she is referring to Albrecht Dürer, a German painter.
*“Hein?” is French for “Eh?”

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