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Some Thoughts About Peter Pan and Wendy
« on: April 13, 2023, 12:31:27 AM »
I keep thinking about what will happen in the upcoming Peter Pan movie, so I’m sharing some thoughts I have here.
I have a feeling Peter Pan and Wendy will be better than at least the animated version and the 2003 movie. However, I still think it will far from a movie adaptation of Peter Pan that I wish I could see. After watching the second trailer many times, I’ve noticed Barrie’s dialogue has been replaced with more modern dialogue (I don’t mean they speak like there are in the 2020s, the story still takes place in the early 20th Century, but they speak more generic and not specifically from that era, if that makes sense.), which I don’t have a big problem with but also I think they’re going to modernize the story, which, duh, of course they were going to do, but I mean not just modernizing the things that needed to be like the Native Americans and Wendy being able to join in the fight at the end. Basically the story and the characters are going to go through the same story beats, but in a more modern way. And my problem with that is that that means they are probably not going to include certain pieces of dialogue from the original story. Like “To die will be an awfully big adventure!” or the “kiss” scene (which I can tell from looking at the trailers that they didn’t include it). Also they’re going to take away some of the themes from the original story, like the most important to me that I keep talking about with the theme of motherhood.
Basically, I think this adaptation will be good for general audiences to enjoy, but maybe not for the more deep into the lore Pan Fans like me and a great many of you on this forum. Which, yeah, I already knew the movie was mostly going to be like that, but I at least hoped they would still keep some of Barrie’s original dialogue and most of the themes, especially the motherhood theme, but perhaps I was very naive for even thinking that this version might do that.
But at least I think this version will be good, but like good in a way that’s the minimum of my, and probably many of your, expectations, and I guess that’s better than nothing.
Also I can say that I think this Disney live-action remake will be much better than a lot of the remakes that have come out in recent years, especially the ones that have come out in the 2020s so far like Mulan and Pinocchio and it will probably be much better than the upcoming Little Mermaid remake.