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Peter Pan and Wendy Review
« on: April 28, 2023, 04:21:43 PM »
I just finished watching Peter Pan and Wendy on Disney+ and my first thought after watching it was, “Well, that was lame!”
In fact I thought that through many parts of the movie!
I’m just doing a pretty quick review today because I have stuff I need to do today, but my plan is I’m going to re-watch the movie tomorrow and see if maybe any of my initial thoughts have changed, and I will do a more detailed review!
The movie was mostly pretty boring and I can’t imagine any child who would have fun watching this movie!
As far as the story, the movie just went through the motions of the story without adding anything interesting to it. The stuff they did add was not surprisingly very dumb, well except for one part, but I’ll get to that!
The script was just very poorly written! Although, like I said, there is one part of the movie I found actually interesting and there are good very little things that happen here and there, but for the most part, this movie was bad!
All the characters are boring. Except for Wendy, she was annoying and boring.
The acting was meh.
Peter just does some things, but he felt like secondary or at times even background character compared to Wendy. And of course he’s not as mischievous and devilish as his play or book counterpart. Basically, as Barrie once said about the Peter Pan statue “It doesn’t show the Devil in Peter!”. They do show him being sensitive, but he’s actually too sensitive to the point of being super out of character, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow in the detailed review! Honestly, it kind of felt like he was only in the movie because he had to be. I definitely felt the same way for all the characters besides Hook.
The Lost Children, oh sorry, I mean just the Lost Boys, are just there because they had to be. They barely do anything. In fact, I don’t think they said their names to Wendy or each other. Besides the twins and Slightly, because I’ve talked about Noah Matthews Matofsky who plays Slightly (who’s supposed to be the leader of the Lost Boys, I guess while Peter’s away, but it seemed like Tiger Lily was their leader) and he has Down Syndrome, but other than them I have no idea which kid plays the other Lost Boys. And of course I have to talk about how they’re all called Lost Boys even though there’s Lost Girls in the movie! Why aren’t they called Lost Children? Why couldn’t at least one of the girls say that they were a Lost Girl? I was excited to finally see Lost Girls be in a Peter Pan movie, which there technically still are, but I wished one of them at least said Lost Girl once!
Tinker Bell is just there because she has to be. They add that Peter doesn’t listen to Tinker Bell for some reason except he clearly listens to her during the fight scene in Skull Rock.
The pirates look bland. I actually agreed with a comment someone made on YouTube about how Disney made 5 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and yet the pirates in this movie look this bland! The pirates in the POTC movies always looked great, even if the writing in some of the movies weren’t, but anyways…
Captain Hook….where do I begin? Basically, I think Jude Law was miscast in this role. I will say he is trying, but he just doesn’t fit the role. The bad writing also doesn’t help! The best live-action Hook so far is still Jason Isaacs. Unless you count Ian Holm when he plays Hook in Peter Pan in Michael’s Nursery in The Lost Boys, then that obviously is the best Captain Hook performance!

The last things I will talk about for now is some spoilers, again I’ll talk about way more in the detailed review tomorrow, but if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to be spoiled don’t read on:

I ended up being wrong about the movie not including the kiss scene, it is there, except really only half of it is there, if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about, and by time the second half of what’s usually in that scene eventually happens later on in the movie, it’s too little too late and they really should have just left that part out entirely!

I will say that John and Michael getting kidnapped by the pirates and almost getting drowned in Skull Rock not long after they arrive in Neverland was okay, except it’s kind of ruined because of Jude Law’s underwhelming performance.

Wendy being the mother to Peter and the Lost Boys is scrapped. So is Captain Hook wanting her to be his mother, but I’ll talk about that more in a second! Peter just wants Wendy to be his friend.

Although Peter brings Wendy to Neverland to tell stories and the Lost Boys expect to her to tell them a story, she never tells them a single story, she just sings them a lullaby, which is fine, but couldn’t she have told them at least ONE story before she sung to them??

Now to talk about the one part of the movie that I actually found interesting! After Hook and the pirates kidnap Wendy and the Lost Boys and put them in a jail cell on the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook actually talks to Wendy about how he misses his mother! That was great! And I actually thought this would be the moment that he would force Wendy to be his mother, but nope! He never thinks of doing that and he just sentences them all to die! Then right after that, Wendy does offer to sacrifice herself to him to save the Lost Boys from getting killed, and that could’ve been another perfect moment for Hook to force Wendy to be his mother, but nope! He just says that all the children should die!

And actually Hook missing his mother ties back to an important new addition to the plot— the Captain Hook and Peter backstory….
But I’m going to talk more about that tomorrow, because I have a LOT more to say about that!