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The Lost Boys trilogy
« on: January 25, 2024, 06:02:43 PM »
I'm rewatching The Lost Boys. It's been quite a few years, but I'm crying once again. It's not just the remarkable turn of events. AB's words and the cast's acting...I don't know - I can just feel their pain/joy for life and through death. The magnificent dialogues cause me to write myself, but this miniseries has me not only write creatively, but read creatively. AB's script, of course, is poetic in heart as well as connections - lovely and lyrical. I also read the quiet moments. The actor's expressions are beautiful. Ian Holm's gazes are powerful (the one that really hits me is when he's looking out the window just upon Arthur's death). And the time passing. Wow. Just wow. The red hat, captain swarthy's hung on the trees, Porthos' absence, empty roots. Time changing things. When I watch young George (Barnaby Holm) look up at the sky and later Barrie notice George again, older doing the same, I am reminded of Anno Birkin's poem (which was actually read by Barnaby Holm on the audio version of Who Said the Race is Over?. It goes like this:

"I want to know permanent things.
The whole world is constantly changing
and dying and being born.
I wish I had thoughts that were
warm and were clear like the mornings.
These summer days have me in mourning dress,
touching my head to my sex to my breasts,
wishing for Westerly winds that
will bring me some fear in religion.
Let the spring of my faith now begin."

I could imagine the characters creatively reading themselves in this poem.
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Re: The Lost Boys trilogy
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Couldn?t agree with you more about everything you just said Hannah! There?s really nothing I need to add here, you said mostly everything that I would have said (Except my post would have been as long as a college thesis as per usual! 😂)! The Lost Boys is and always will be a masterpiece!
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