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New "wonderfully batty" book about JMB
« on: July 06, 2008, 03:18:14 PM »
A new book about JMB has received its first review in today's The Sunday Times.  It is called 'Captivated: J M Barrie, the Du Mauriers and the Dark Side of Neverland' and is written by Piers Dudgeon.  Reviewer Frances Wilson describes the book as "wonderfully batty".

Some quotes from her review:

"Dudgeon rejects the traditional line (that Barrie was an innocent homosexual paedophilic fantasist) and argues instead that he was a demonic “mind-controlling” hypnotist who held them all (the Llewelyn Davies family), and the du Mauriers, too, in his “possession”, playing them like puppets even from beyond the grave."

"As for Scott, who was Barrie's friend, had he not fallen under the fatal spell of his “controller” he would never have believed himself a hero and tried to reach the South Pole. “Where can this dangerous fantasy persona have come from, if not from Jim?” Dudgeon asks."

"Barrie had, it seems, lots of devilish secrets and Dudgeon sets out to uncover them all. The first involves the death of his elder brother David, aged 13, in a skating accident, as a result of which Margaret, Barrie's mother, sank into a grief from which she refused to recover. For Dudgeon, this maternal rejection suggests that Barrie was the child who “accidentally” knocked David down on the ice. So Barrie's first secret was that he killed his brother."


Read Frances Wilson's review here:


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Re: New "wonderfully batty" book about JMB
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2008, 11:46:44 AM »
I am still hoping to find more serious analysis than I have so far encoutered in the Press.