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Peter's notes on Michael
« on: September 16, 2019, 12:11:02 PM »
I've just added Peter's notes on Michael to the database, which Peter must have made prior to embarking on "Some Davies Letters and Papers" (aka The Morgue) in 1946. If anyone can read the (to me) illegible words, please let us know. Here's my transcription:

M[ichael]. Cleverest. Misery at Eton. Pop XI Field. Scholarship [decreased?]. Influence of JMB over him and vice versa. Strong likeness early photographs of Father. Spoilt - came out all right. Oxford. Poems. Better than much in the anthologies. Boothby stayed with him one night a fortnight before his death. No sign of melancholy. Deep sense of family loss. Hugh Macnaghten - He's all right now. (Shades of Uncle Harry). Friendship with [admirable? adorable??] Rupert Buxton. Death at {left blank}. Body in morgue. Cause unknown. R. a better swimmer than M. hence theory of R. trying to save him. Quite unproved. Some belief in suicide. Perfectly possible but entirely unproven. Last [point?] blow to J.M.B.; never so close to any of the 3 survivors as to the dead ones. [Step?] [mother?] story [supervenes?]. La vie est vaine. [Life is futile]