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Thank you to everyone who reads this messaage:

Dear Fellow Barrieiates,
My Name is James Mayweather (USER NAME), Spencer (Real Name). I am a screenwriter, who has been writing for almost  (18 years). Currently, I am trying to gain some help regarding a (Research and Editing) for PAN-BASED  TV Concept. I would think that a place like this site would be a great treasure trove of information and helping hands.

I am posting here "ONCE MORE" to see if I get any bites on my fishing line of inquiry.  I am looking for any other writers, historians, researchers, fans, etc. That would be able to help my solve the issues I've been faceing. The project itself, not the research, concerns: A Historically Accurate Fantasy Dramady about the "ORIGINS" OF CAPTAIN HOOK BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the Peter Pan tale we know. 

The project originally started out as a "Film Trilogy" I was writing the scripts for. But, due to the writing, and other extenuating circumstances, soon to be told. It was instead changed to a full length series of a HARD R nature for HBO or NETFLIX type streaming/paycable networks. The other circumstances being that during the early stages of my writing the story (and unfolding it out) I heard about ANDREW BIRKIN. I am sure many of you know about Mr. Birkin, that grand Barrie Historian.

I tried to reach out to him a few times (with a little help from the creators of this website) to no avail (sadly). I doubt he'll ever respond to me or help me on this project. If not personally then perhaps like a spector floating over this project (instead?) Hearing about him, his Project THE LOST BOYS (which I only just started watching), and his working with the RSC (inspired me). Inspired me most greatly!

At one point long before I found this site or its forum he post this response:

The problem with compiling an annotated Peter Pan is knowing where to stop in terms of content.

Back in 1984, I put together a collation of Barrie's primary PP texts for the benefit of Trevor Nunn and the RSC, from which he and John Caird made their choices. It ran to over 400 pages, laid out on a double spread of A3 paper, with separate columns for "Anon: A Play", the 1904 rehearsal script, the 1905 American version, the 1911 novel, the 1921 Paramount screenplay, and the final printed play of 1928.

However, there are at least a further 5 drafts of the play between "Anon" and the 1904 rehearsal, and a further 6 drafts between 1904 and 1928. The screenplay exists in 5 drafts, and the novel in 3... and we haven't even started on PP in Kensington Gardens, nor his 400+ Fairy Notes!  Perhaps one day I will be able to hoist the different versions on this website, but there might be copyright issues (the published works may be in the public domain, but unpublished texts will become GOSH's copyright for 70 years from first publication - and quite right too!)

Those with long memories will also remember that the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library were none too keen to see their Barrie collection shared online, and as they own virtually all the originals, it couldn't really be done without their blessing as well as GOSH ...

This set my mind ablaze with opinions and ideas. The main goal being to create (for my own writing use) an extended draft of PAN following all the work Barrie did before his death. I wouldn't want to use any ideas or opinions of any writing post-Barrie. I'd feel strange, wrong, and weird about doing so. Using Barrie's works would be done to honor all the time he spent on the work (as well as) to make my story the most definitive/original take. Definitive in the way of all the writings of PAN from the story, the little white dove, to drafts of the scripts (Play and Silent movie) to the book etc. All forming a draft of which I would be able to pull from for my story's BEGINNING season, MIDDLE, and FINAL season.


To be able to formulate the draft with some help from anyone on this site that would be interested in helping me to put all this information together (into a workable/readable script draft). As well as comments through the copious amounts of different drafts and editing it together with me so that it would not be any overlap of dialogue that is the same in the script and that the changes could be seen throughout the script itself. And that, the various 400-page notes on fairies could be boiled down as succinctly as possible to be used throughout the story. In the end, being able to use this to finish my original take on a life of Captain Hook and Pan. As well as to formulate what an origin of Peter Pan would be had there been one written by barrie himself. What he might have done?

I look forward to hearing from the people on this site and getting as much help as possible. It seems like a very hard and laborious undertaking. But, one I hope a group of interested and enthusiastic Peter Pan souls would want to see this through to the end. That way another story in the world of PAN can be on screens for people to view and enjoy!

Thank you again for reading this message and I look forward to everyone's responses.


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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 01:02:05 AM »
Hi James! (or Spencer whichever you prefer) Even though Iím not a screenwriter and canít help you with your project, I do still love Peter Pan and if you ever get this project done, I would love to see it! Best wishes!  :)