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Never Land 2010 Short Film
« on: November 14, 2020, 07:54:11 PM »
I just watched the short film “Never Land” written and directed by Joshua Sallach.

It was a great short film! It tells a modern day retelling of the story of Peter Pan and Peter Pan is a vampire!

It’s about a vampire boy named Peter who tries to convince a hard working teenager and her vampire loving little brother, who she has to raise after their parents died, to stay with him and his band of rescued unwanted boys and leave their troubles behind. All the while, Peter is being hunted by a group of vampire slayers, whose leader is named James, or “The Captain”.

There are some dark elements in this movie. There’s this one scene I really liked where “The Lost Boys”, out of affection for Peter, are trying to collect their blood in a jar for Peter to drink! Peter actually refuses the offer as he doesn’t want to drink human blood, but it’s interesting and dark that the boys are so much on Peter’s side that they’re willing to give up their blood to satisfy him!

I highly recommend you watch it!

It’s available to watch for free on YouTube!

Here’s the link:
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