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Peter 2012 French Short Film
« on: November 14, 2020, 10:06:06 PM »
I just watched the 2012 French short film “Peter” written and directed by Nicolas Duval, and based on the 6-volume comic series “Peter Pan” by Régis Loisel.

I know very very little French so I couldn’t understand most of the dialogue, but from the visuals, I could understand the overall story.

It’s basically a prequel about how Tinker Bell, or as she’s called in French, Clochette, meets Peter Pan in London and brings him to Neverland after he’s kicked out by his alcoholic and abusive mother.
Interestingly though, in this short Peter Pan is just called Peter and Pan is a completely different character and is a satyr, not sure if he’s supposed to be the God of The Wild that Pan originally is, which is where the surname came from, and Pan is the one who tells Clochette to go to London, at least that’s what I assume he said, I don’t actually know!

Captain Hook and Smee were in the film too, but they mostly talked, so I couldn’t understand what their story was.

It’s a very short film, running at a little over 9 minutes, not including the credits, but it’s a very nice looking film! And if you can understand French, I’m sure you’ll like the film even more because you’ll understand the dialogue!

Whether you understand French or not, I’d recommend a watch since even if you don’t understand the language, the film is really short, the visuals are beautiful, and the story is quick and mostly easy enough to understand!

I would love for Duval to make a full length film version of this short!

I watched this film for free on YouTube.

Here’s the link:
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