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East of Kensington 2012 Short Film
« on: November 15, 2020, 01:53:11 AM »
I watched the 2012 short film East of Kensington, written and directed by Kellen Moore.

Peter Pan returns to the Darling house after their original adventures in Neverland, but suddenly he’s captured by a strange man who now lives at the Darling house.

When the stranger confronts Peter, Peter starts to question his past actions.

This film was pretty well done for what it was trying to do. It is a good and really dark little sequel to the Peter Pan story.

My only complaint is that they cast an American boy as Peter despite the fact that the film takes place in London, and I looked up the cast on IMBD and the actor that played the stranger is American but he put on a British accent for the film, why couldn’t they make Peter’s actor do the same? The filmmakers could have at least told the actor to teach himself, the actor looked as if he was 13 or 14! But other than that he was fine.

Watch the film for free on YouTube.