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Peter Pan in Make Room for Daddy
« on: December 18, 2020, 04:31:00 PM »
Hereís a whole episode dedicated to Peter Pan from the 50s/60s show Make Room for Daddy, later called The Danny Thomas Show. This episode aired in 1955.

The episode is about the son Rusty totally believing in Peter Pan and wanting to fly away to Neverland after seeing the Mary Martin musical. His father Danny however wants Rusty to think realistically and tries to make him stop believing with the help of an old and curmudgeon theatre worker, but the plan backfires and Rustyís belief in magic makes the men realize that being a kid at heart is not so bad!

My favorite line in the episode is when the old theatre worker is talking about Peter Pan to Rusty and he says ď I thought I hated him, but I donít! Iím just jealous of him!Ē

This line makes me think this might be why Captain Hook doesnít like Peter Pan! 🤔
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