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Peter and Wendy in Burning Secret
« on: December 21, 2020, 02:49:13 AM »
I made a mistake in a previous topic saying that the Peter and Wendy book was not in Andrew’s film Burning Secret, but the book can actually be seen in the film very briefly!

It’s when Edmund wakes up to shut off his alarm clock, before he looks around the hotel to look for Alexander to go exploring with him only to find him eating breakfast. The side of the book can clearly be seen leaning against the bed near the alarm clock.

If you go on Andrew’s YouTube channel and click on the film, you can scroll to 20:40 and you’ll see it!

I was lucky to find this because I just decided, out of curiosity, to scroll through the film, more specifically to every scene where just Edmund or Edmund and his mother were in a bedroom, so I could see if maybe the book was in the movie and I had just missed it in previous viewings, and I was happy to see that the book was in fact in the movie! 😀

Sometimes it feels good to be wrong about something! 😂
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