Author Topic: Peter Pan Picture Book by Daniel O'Connor, ill. by Alice B Woodward (1907)  (Read 738 times)


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I have uploaded all the illustrations by Alice B Woodward from the Peter Pan Picture Book onto the database. She was a prominent English illustrator at the turn of the 20th Century, famous not only for her works of children literature (apart from Peter Pan, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Black Beauty and many others) but also her scientific illustrations. She died in 1951.

The text of the Peter Pan Picture Book was written by Daniel O'Connor, and is the same as the Peter Pan Keepsake. It Is significantly different from Barrie's own play and novel, as it is adapted from the original productions of the stage play, prior to Barrie's changes and additions. It was originally published by George Bell & Sons in 1907, with Barrie's permission.

The illustrations give an idea of the colours of the original costumes, notably Peter Pan's red outfit, before it became the green costume commonly associated nowadays with the character.
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