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Michaelís Birthday
« on: June 17, 2021, 05:12:22 PM »

Unfortunately I missed Michaelís birthday yesterday, but I meant to do a post on his birthday and honoring it by sharing this letter from JMB to Michael that was written the day before Michaelís 8th birthday and it might be the only birthday letter from JMB that survives:

My dear Michael,
Paris is looking very excited today, and all the people think it is because there were races yesterday, but I know it is because tomorrow is your birthday. I wish I could be with you and your candles. You can look on me as one of your candles, the one that burns badly ó the greasy one that is bent in the middle. But still, hurray, I am Michaelís candle. I wish I could see you putting on the redskinís clothes for the first time. Wonít your mother be frightened. Nick will hide beneath the bed, and Peter will cry for the police.
Dear Michael, I am very fond of you, but donít tell anybody.

                             The End.
                                J.M. Barrie

The relationship between Barrie and Michael always warms my heart!