Author Topic: David Lowery Talking About Peter Pan and Wendy  (Read 1371 times)


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David Lowery Talking About Peter Pan and Wendy
« on: March 18, 2022, 06:11:11 PM »

In this article from last year, the director of the Peter Pan live-action remake, Peter Pan and Wendy talks about his direction that he’s taking with the new movie.
To summarize, he’s says the movie will be like The Revenant and The Lighthouse, so, thankfully, we know that the movie will have a much more serious tone than the animated version.
The way Lowery talks about the movie gives me some hope that maybe, just maybe, this version might be good!
Also included in the article are the actors playing Peter and Wendy in their costumes. The costumes look pretty good to me!
Also here’s set photos from last year of Jude Law as Captain Hook.

I know they’re trying to be very different from the animated movie, but I hope at some point, at least when we’re first introduced to Hook, that he wears a red coat, because, to me, red is a color that makes a person stand out. That’s one of the reasons why other Captain Hooks’ costumes have been red or maroon for most, if not all, their screen time.
In this photo, Jude Law’s blue coat makes him blend in too much with the other pirates who are also wearing blue attire.
But of course the only way to really judge Hook’s appearance in the film is when we actually see it! Perhaps my opinion will change.
I hope we get an official trailer soon!