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Flying Technology
« on: February 15, 2005, 04:33:54 AM »
Having just watched my video of Sandy Duncan doing the flying number from her 1979 PETER PAN ( it aired on the TV show Omnibus and someone sent me a copy) I found myself wondering just how the flying went in the original 1904 production and how it has progressed over time.
Do we know how they flew the performers in 1904? How long was the flying sequence? Duncan's is close to 8 minutes and at one point the entire Darling nursery set just rolls away and then things go really wild! You can see kids in the audience literally jumping in their seats in excitement. How long did Nina B. fly or Maude Adams --or for that mater Jean Arthur or any ot the UK Peters?
ANd how elaboarate is the flying now in the UK?  I know that in the current Rigby production touring the US it is quite a production --when she flies out over the audience's heads at the curtain call --just amazing!


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Flying Technology
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For contemporary flying info: