Author Topic: Peter and the Shadow Thieves - Prequel Pre-critique  (Read 3845 times)


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Peter and the Shadow Thieves - Prequel Pre-critique
« on: July 01, 2006, 02:15:43 AM »
If you read the first prequel, P & the Starcatchers, this might be an okay follow up.  It' obvious Barrie/Pearson created this book to counter the authorized sequel coming out this fall.  I am almost through the first run of the book and it is sadly dissappointing.  I ave read starcatchers nd though I didn not personally like it, it was creative though nowhere near as poetic and endearing as the original...noo one can recreate Barrie's magic.

Don't want to give away the plot but basically Peter has to find his friend Molly becasue the fate of the "starstuff"  is in danger of possession by Lord Ombra, the shadow thief.  Ok where do I start tearing this book apart.
1.  halfway throug the book and teh 2 protagonist haven't even seen each oter.
2.  Writing and action drags instead of drives the reader through the story
3.  Oliver Twist "twist" in the plot is so rididculous to me, I actually commented out loud "oh, come on..."
4.  Reader is taken on a tour of teh London towers by one of the charachters, dragging the urgency of why they were there...I mean everything about the towers, been there myself, don't need the tour
5.  peter has no charm, nothing makes you want to love Peter, no cockiness, no confidence, no playfullness which would make you want to leave the real world behind to fly with him.
6.  Cameo by sir James Barrie and Porthos in the book another "oh come on..." moment for me.  he even direct Peter to go to the house which was the second door to the right....yup, seemed out of place, like they just threw it in there for the heck of it...maybe to appease his fans.

Sorry to be so critical, but I have done a lot of research on Barrie and was very disappointed with this prequel.  But hey disney is backing it so of course it will be a best seller regardless.
Well that's my two cents.  for what they are worth.


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Peter and the Shadow Thieves - Prequel Pre-critique
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2006, 09:21:47 PM »
I started reading Peter & The Starchasers, but put it aside after a few
chapters (maybe I will return to it someday)...seems like the characters are the same in name only to Barrie's wondorous creations...a far better
(if quirkier book) is Peter Pan & The Only Children by Gilbert Adair.